I’m a long-time software QA engineer in Silicon Valley (Sun Microsystems, Yahoo!, SearchMe, and StumbleUpon).  And I’m a long-time part-time/occasional instructor, at both De Anza College’s CIS Department and Santa Clara Adult Education’s High Tech Academy.  I’ve taught Perl and Selenium-IDE the most often, but I have also taught Software Quality Assurance, Selenium-RC/Perl, Python, Introduction to UNIX, Shell  Programming, HTML, JavaScript, and even Introduction to Computers.  I’ve done technical editing for McGraw-Hill and other textbook publishers.

I’m currently working as a Software QA Engineer at Adobe/EchoSign, where I’m using a Selenium and Python Page Object model framework for test automation.

I’ve got a BA in English and an MS in Computer Science.  In short, I love QA and I love to write.  This is my first attempt at blogging, and I must say I love it.  It’s rather like teaching only I can do it whenever I want rather than on a schedule!

In addition to this blog, I have one Selenium post on the Sauce Labs blog and a 50-slide presentation on Selenium on the Silicon Valley Software Quality Assurance site.

I welcome suggestions on Selenium topics about which you’d like to know more.  Or if you’d just like to talk about Selenium and QA issues, that’s cool too.  You can reach me at mam_p at yahoo dot com.

7 responses to “About

  • prathibha

    I am Prathibha from India. I am very new to the selenium. I want to learn selenium more. can u please suggest me any books or tutorials in online.

    I run the tests in selenium but i didn’t know how to write the javascripts for the selenium tests. also suggest me to write the javascript files for selenium tests. tutorials or books or any other.

  • Mary Ann May-Pumphrey

    Hi Prathibha! I have three suggestions:

    –A book available as both an e-book and a paperback, entitled _Selenium Simplified_.
    –The official Selenium docs available at http://seleniumhq.org/docs
    –A tutorial I presented a couple years ago which is available at http://www.ssqa-sv.org/speakers.htm#20090310

    There are a couple of other books out which may also be helpful–just look on amazon.

    And finally, reading Selenium blogs (of which there are many!) can be useful.

    If you have specific things you’d like to know how to do with JavaScript in conjunction with Selenium tests, please let me know; I can probably make posts about them.

    Good luck!

  • rivlin

    Hi Mary,

    Wanted to ask you about Page Object model framework for test automation. Do we need a test harness to take advantage of page object model or can we achieve the same thing with the core selenium framework?


    • Mary Ann May-Pumphrey

      Hi Rivlin! No, I don’t think you have to have a test harness to take advantage of the page object model because it’s all about coding–putting the locators for a page with the class for that page, putting the assertion methods for a page with the class for that page, etc. But everyone needs a harness of some type, even if it’s only a tiny script that runs all the other tests one at a time.

      I’m currently using the pysaunter framework (available on github), which comes with a harness, base classes, examples, etc. This makes it pretty easy to get up and running with the page object model. And the harness makes it easy to focus on creating tests up front; you can always customize it later on.


  • Sreenu Lekkala

    Hi Mary,
    This is sreenu from india, i am working on selenium using java since two years.. i have a doubt related to window handle… Here is the scenario.. i need to select a file from desktop while click on browse button. is it possible with selenium?

    Sreenu Lekkala

  • Sathya Anand

    Hi Mary Ann,
    You selenium posts are really very useful..I found a way to do data driven testing only in ur blog. Thanks a lot for it. It solved my issue.

  • Sudhanshu

    Hi Mary,

    My name is Sudhanshu, I always follow your blogs and comments on LinkedIn which helps me a lot. I wanted to know more abut Webdriver/Javascript bindings as well we Javascript conjunctions with Webdriver Tests. Also .. is it any common framework which we can develop to make it Language independent. I mean we can support that framework for all the Programing Languages.


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