Translation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

A very amusing Selenium-thing happened to me this evening!  I was on the Sauce Labs blog, retrieving the URL of my one post there so I could send it to someone who had requested it.  Much to my chagrin, I discovered that somebody had posted a question underneath my post way back on February 3rd!  I had regularly checked for comments for the first couple weeks after the post was published (on January 27th) without finding any.  So, either something was broken about the blog for awhile OR I was the victim of browser-cacheing every time I checked until tonight.

After I got over the chagrin, I wondered if the gentleman who left the question still wanted an answer, so I clicked on the link of his name.  It led me to what appears to be a Spanish rewrite/translation of my post!  (Translation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?!?)

After basking in the warm glow of flattery for awhile, I became annoyed!  Why isn’t there some mechanism for notifying bloggers that a comment/question has been left below their post?!?  So, I wrote off to my Sauce Labs contact with this question.

Finally, my emotional state advanced to its final stage–amusement!  If there’s no way to configure the Sauce Labs WordPress blog to send email to a poster when a comment/question has been left, then a Selenium app could certainly be developed to take care of this!  Stay tuned–that app may appear in this blog sometime soon!


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I'm a software QA automation engineer, focusing primarily on Selenium/Webdriver automation of the front end of web apps. View all posts by Mary Ann May-Pumphrey

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