Review of “Selenium 2 Webinar: The Next Generation of Web and Mobile Application Testing”

I spent an hour this morning “attending” Sauce Labs’ Selenium 2 Webinar: The Next Generation of Web and Mobile Application Testing.  Selenium’s creator–Jason Huggins–gave a super presentation, followed by demos and a lengthy Q&A session.  Here’s the good, the bad, and the interesting, as I heard it:

  • 50% of the Selenium user base has only been exposed to Selenium-IDE.  (!!!)
  • IDE cannot yet export to Selenium-2 but will be able to eventually.
  • The official release of Selenium-2 will be completely backwards compatible so that nobody’s Selenium-1 tests will be broken.
  • The closest thing to API documentation is at .  The only other URL provided is the one for Selenium Headquarters:
  • Selenium-2 supports Ruby, C#, Java, and Python, but does not yet support Perl or PHP.  The Selenium developers need members from those two communities to step forward as authors/maintainers.

I found the last point very convincing in terms of my needing to switch from Perl to something else!  (Probably Python.)  While there were several mentions of prerequisite items that would have to be done before the official Selenium-2 release could be made, there was no mention that APIs for these two languages was amongst those prerequisites.

Sauce Labs will undoubtedly have the entire webinar available on their site soon.  I heartily encourage everyone interested in web page test automation to view it.  Eminently watchable and educational!


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I'm a software QA automation engineer, focusing primarily on Selenium/Webdriver automation of the front end of web apps. View all posts by Mary Ann May-Pumphrey

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